WILDCAT TEAM CAMP | July 17th - 19th
WHO: Girls, 9th - 12th Grades
REGISTRATION: 11:00am, Friday
CONCLUSION: 4:00pm, Sunday
LOCATION: Trienens Performance Center
RESIDENTIAL: $350 | All rooms air conditioned
COMMUTER: $300 | Lunch & Dinner provided for commuters

An Overnight Team Camp that includes competitive 6 v. 6 play as well as ‘choose your own adventure’ daily training sessions. The design of this camp allows coaches to grow and improve their teams through match experience as well as individual training sessions. The first session of everyday is a ‘choose your own adventure’ session where coaches choose the type of training while the afternoon and evening sessions are exclusively tournament play with championship day on Sunday. Coaches decide how they want to fill their 3 days to best suit their team’s needs with training options including: individual team instruction, positional training, reserve-a-coach sessions, team conditioning, nutrition, leadership and team building activities. At this all-inclusive camp, your team will leave prepared to begin a successful season!

  • Registration will begin at 11:00am on Friday and camp will finish around 4 pm on Sunday.
  • Lunch and dinner are included in the camp prices for all campers. Breakfast is included for overnight campers only.
  • Dorms are air conditioned.

**We recommend campers have at least one year of playing experience.


  1. Northwestern University staff or faculty member will receive 10% off of camp
  2. Sibling discount – if two or more siblings sign up for a camp, each will receive 5% off the registration fee.
  3. Military will receive 10% off of camp